1927 Seagrave Suburbanite Pumper

Frank Tremel's 1927 Seagrave Suburbanite, serial # 48041.
One of 2 suburbinites purchased by the Atchinson Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad
for fire protection at their San Bernardino, California yards. This unit is equipped with a
350 gpm centrifugal pump. Power is provided by a 6-B Continental motor equipped with
dual ignition. Originally equipped with 2 chemical tanks pressurized by an air cyclinder
mounted on the running board. The chemical tanks were replaced by the railroad with a
150 gallon booster tank. Both units were sold in the early 70's to the Marriott Corporation
to be used as a display in a theme park. They determined that they were to modern looking
and in 1975 Frank traded a 1919 American La France pumper for the one he owns now.
This unit still has its original bell, siren, playpipes and 2 Seagrave Dietz Lanterns. It had been
repainted at some point by the railroad. The mate to this one, #48040, also made its way to
Maryland and is now located in the Hagerstown area. A factory photo with the two tank
chemical system can be found on page 155 of Matt Lee's Seagrave History published in 2006.

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