1979 Mack CF Ladder Truck

Victor McEntee's 1979 Mack CF Ladder Truck.
This unit sports a 100 foot American LaFrance ladder along with a 676 ci Mack turbo diesel
engine, an Allison automatic transmission and a 12,500 watt generator. This truck has a full
compliment of ground ladders as well as all the equipment on it when it was purchased.
Records indicate that this is the only ladder truck built with the combination of a Mack
chassis, Young body and an American LaFrance ladder. Although this rig was never
rehabbed, it did receive extensive body work in 1998 after being bombarded with rock
pellets from the roof of a warehouse that was on fire. After the devastating tornado
ripped through LaPlata in 1999, Truck 1 ran calls continuously for over 8 days.
This rig is lovingly referred to as "The Dog" by the members of the LaPlata VFD were
it served the community for 24 years until it was retired in June of 2003.

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