1972 Ford Great Eastern/Oren Pumper

John Muhitch's 1972 Ford Great Eastern/Oren Pumper.
This unit was known as a Minute Man model from Great Eastern/Oren.
It was purchased in December of 1972 as one of three mini pumpers for
Atlantic City, New Jersey. The engine was designed to run on the Boardwalk,
as a full size engine was unable to run the Boardwalk due to the size and weight.
This rig has a 330 ci ford gasoline engine as well as a 500 gpm two stage waterous
pump and a 500 gallon tank with one preconnect off the rear with two hose reels.
Later in its career, it was used as a foam tender. This truck was retired in the late
90's and John has owned this rig since 2007.

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